The University of California, Los Angeles


I’m a Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics at UCLA. My work engages experimental techniques, acoustic analysis, and computational linguistics to investigate the influence of bilingualism and second language acquisition on the phonetic and phonological properties of speech.

My dissertation research investigated the distribution of vowel quality and quantity distinctions in the dialect(s) of Welsh spoken in Argentina, specifically, how the perception and production of Welsh vowels is affected by bilingualism with Spanish, rather than with English.


  • Celtic languages
  • Perception-production interface
  • Minority language bilingualism


  • PhD in Linguistics, 2018

    University of Arizona

  • MA in Linguistics, 2015

    University of Arizona

  • BA in Anthropology and Linguistics, 2012

    UC Santa Barbara



Available code tutorials.


Ongoing research investigating the Welsh language. Funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation (1453724).

Argentinean Welsh

Ongoing research project investigating the dialect of Welsh spoken in Argentina. Initially funded by a fieldwork grant from the Tinker Foundation and a Doctoral Dissertation Research grant from the National Science Foundation (1729883).

Scottish Gaelic

Past research investigating the phonology of lenition in Scottish Gaelic, funded by NSF grant 1144318.


UT El Paso

Linguistics 2320 - Intro to Linguistics - Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019

Linguistics 5320 - Graduate Phonology - Spring 2019

Linguistics 3301 - Phonology - Fall 2018

University of Arizona

Linguistics 150 - Language (section instructor, 2 sections) - Fall 2015

Linguistics 310 - Linguistic Typology (teaching assistant) - Spring 2015

Linguistics 315 - Phonology (teaching assistant) - Spring 2015

Linguistics 465 - Pragmatics (teaching assistant) - Fall 2014

Linguistics 210 - American Indian Linguistics (Instructor) - Spring 2014

Linguistics 320 - Language and Society (Instructor, implemented in person and online) - Fall 2013, Summer 2014